about us
  Yenom Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka  
Yenom (Pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan company registered in 2005, under the Board of Investment (BOI), which focusses on providing solutions to corporates that have specific requirements in Structural, Financial and Operational aspects. Yenom is also specialized in financial advisory, and addition provide an array of solutions to businesses with operational barriers.
We are focused on providing structural and financial solutions related to Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt & Equity Markets, Private Placements for existing Sri Lankan companies as well as corporates who wish to enter the local market. Our services also include an array of solutions to corporates including incorporation, rights issues, mandatory offers, a listing of financial instruments and liquidation of companies.
Our team has a combined 35 year plus experience and has a proven track record in successful deal structures, acquisition's, restructuring turn around, incubating startups, for both private and publicly quoted companies. Yenom has an extensive network in corporate, financial and government sectors to provide swift and direct solutions to our client’s varied issues.
Dr. Kosala Heengama
Dr. Kosala Heengama brings in more than a decade of specialized ICT, management experience in leading and expanding large global IT service organizations. He has also been instrumental in the implementation of low cost, simplified enterprise systems and technologies that work seamlessly for efficient information distribution in multi-layer platforms. Earlier, he was attached to the Ministry of Finance as an ICT Chief Advisor to Government of Sri Lanka. Dr. Heengama, who works on improving efficiencies and processes in many industries, ventured into financial services and strategic investments and is a Member of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (MIEEE).
Mr. Gregory Scott Newsome
Mr. Gregory Scott Newsome has been a leader of many companies. Mr. Newsome is an electronic trading professional with over a decade of experience. He is a multi-exchange consultant for US, European and South Asian Stock Exchanges and a skilled presenter of technical material in seminars and training classes. Mr. Newsome holds a BBA Degree in Finance with a focus on Derivative Securities and Investments from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. He has authored ‘SoesBook’, a technical textbook and reference guide for trading in the NASDAQ Index. His vision is to architect products for the future growth of companies as well as financial markets.